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The use of a commercial building crane dates back to Ancient Greece; today, the construction building crane remains a staple of the construction and road-building industries, thanks to its versatility, strength, and reach. Austin Crane Service is pleased to offer a wide variety of construction crane rental options and highway crane rentals to suit your road and bridge construction needs. Whether you need industrial crane rentals, roofing crane rentals, bucket lift truck, or aerial lift, our crane parts services company has the right equipment for you. We also offer crane sales and emergency crane services for those who need it.

Bridge Building and Cranes

There are more than half a million bridges in use in the United States. Highway crane rentals are used in many aspects of bridge building, from pylon construction to the transportation of materials and components to their final location. In fact, construction cranes are used to construct nearly 85% of roadway bridges used today. The type of crane that is best for your bridge construction needs will depend upon the size and type of bridge you are building, as well as any site constraints you may face.

  • Mobile crane leasing is ideal for most bridge-building applications, particularly when working with concrete or steel. These cranes can be maneuvered into place easily during construction with each necessary component.
  • Tower cranes come into play during the construction of suspension bridges, particularly those that require pylons to support cables. These cranes are first used to construct the pylons, then move and hold bridge components in place while cables are attached.

Top Three Benefits of Crane Rental for Your Road Construction Project

Building roads and bridges requires the ability to move heavy loads safely and efficiently. While this can be done using a variety of different equipment, crane leasing offers many advantages for your road construction project. You can reach Austin Crane Service today by calling (512) 452-4400 for 24-hour crane rental near Austin.

  1. Cranes can be used to move heavy loads in both the horizontal and vertical planes. This means you only need one piece of equipment to maneuver virtually any load you will need during construction, reducing the overall cost of your project.
  2. When you choose a crane rental with our Austin crane repair company, you know it will arrive in safe working condition. Furthermore, you won't need to worry about maintaining your crane during roadwork; your crane rental company will take full responsibility for this task.
  3. Crane companies will provide not only a crane for your construction purposes, but also a certified and experienced construction crane operator. This will both speed your project along and ensure it is safe by saving you the need to train personnel and ensuring there is an experienced crane operator on site whenever the crane is in use.
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