FAQs and Answers About Crane Hand Signals

When it comes to commercial contracting and construction projects that require crane rental and operation, knowing how to communicate with your team despite noise and traffic is critical. If you’re considering a career as a crane operator near Austin, then read on to learn the answers to frequently asked questions about hand signals used by crane operators. crane - operators

What is the proper signal for stop and emergency stop?

To signal the operator to stop, extend one arm horizontally and to your side while keeping your palm face down. Then, swing your arm back and forth. For an emergency stop, perform the same movements but with both of your arms instead of just one.

How do I signal someone to hoist?

Lift one arm up and to the side while keeping your forearm and index finger pointing straight upward. Then, use your hand and finger to make small circles in the air.

How do I direct trolley travel?

Lift your hand palm up and keep your fingers closed. Then, move your hand horizontally in the direction that the trolley needs to travel while pointing your thumb in the same direction as the motion.

What is the proper hand signal for swing?

Start by extending your arm horizontally. Then, point your index finger in the direction that the boom should swing.

How do I tell the operator to raise and lower the boom?

With your arm extended horizontally, close your fingers and point your thumb upward to signal the operator to raise the boom. Use the same motion but point your thumb downward to signal to lower the boom.

What is the signal for retracting the telescoping boom?

Hold your hands in front of you at waist level. Then, with your other fingers closed, point your thumbs toward one another.

What hand signal means to use the main hoist?

First, use one hand to tap the top of your head. Then, perform the normal signal to show the desired direction.

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