Boom Cranes 101

Many people look into crane rental when they need to move heavy or large objects. What these types of equipment can do is impressive, but they work through some simple laws of physics. If you’re interested in boom crane rental near Austin, then continue reading to learn some helpful information about this type of equipment. boom - crane

The Origins of Cranes

Boom cranes are what people turn to when they want to move or lift large, heavy, or awkward loads effortlessly and effectively. When you take advantage of boom crane rental today, you get an apparatus that features top-grade engineering and boasts the latest technology. However, cranes themselves are not innovative. The lifting principle and use of cranes date to Ancient Greece, where people discovered that heavy loads could be lifted relatively easily using a lever-fulcrum system. As their technology progressed, the cranes that the Ancient Greeks relied on became more advanced and were outfitted with new features.

The Basics of Cranes

First, the load is attached to the beam’s short end. Next, using relatively little application of force to the opposite side of the beam’s long end, the cargo is lifted. The fulcrum that resides below the beam is what provides support during the lifting process.

Boom Crane Anatomy

The following are the primary crane components that you should be aware of when considering boom crane rental:

  • Boom: Often the most obvious and easily identifiable feature, the boom is the crane’s fixed or telescopic arm that is used for moving loads.
  • Jib: Featuring a lattice-like structure, the purpose of the jib is to give the boom the freedom that it needs to extend.
  • Counterweights: Located near the cab’s exterior, the counterweights on a boom crane are designed to prevent the crane from losing balance in the process of lifting heavy loads.
  • Rotex Gear: To give the crane more ability to function from awkward positions, Rotex gearing allows the crane to rotate its apparatus.
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