What Is Boom Deflection?

A boom truck crane can lift loads that humans could not even fathom moving, which is why you might need a crane rental in Austin for a construction or manufacturing operation. In order to move such heavy loads, a crane’s components must be extremely durable. The boom is what gives your crane its long-reaching arm, and it needs to be strong enough to handle the load. Boom deflection is normal to some extent, but there are steps you can take to limit it before, during, and after lifting. Feel free to keep reading to find out what exactly boom deflection is.

In addition to being strong and durable, the boom of your crane needs to have a bit of flexibility. This will allow it to flex with the weight of the load. Boom deflection describes this bending of the boom, and a small amount of deflection is normal. However, you should still take safety precautions. Always check the crane’s load capacity before the lift, and ensure that the riggers know to stay out of the way of the swing during the operation. The crane operator can then slowly lower the load and then slightly lower the boom to keep deflection to a minimum.

boom - deflection

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