Fundamental Rules of Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is a great way to spread the word about your company’s products or services. Since billboards are much larger in scale than many other types of advertising platforms, they require installation services from a crane operator in Austin. With a bucket lift or crane truck, your crane rental professional will be able to safely put up your billboard advertisement. After your billboard has been placed, your message will be widely seen by motorists on the roadway. To help you achieve the best results from your billboard advertising campaign, here is a look at the fundamental rules of billboard advertising. billboard - sign

Use Fewer Words and Phrases

Unlike a printed postcard or online marketing campaign, your billboard needs to include no more than six words. Typically, a driver who passes your billboard will only glance at its message for a maximum of five to six seconds. To maximize the impact of your advertisement, you can keep your words or phrases to a minimum and allow drivers to soak in your message at a glance.

Avoid Creating Excessive Distractions

One of the main purposes of a billboard is to capture the momentary attention of motorists, commercial truck drivers, and other people who are in transit. While you want to make sure that your billboard is noticeable, you do not want to create a hazardous distraction on the road. Using bold but simple graphics and clear text will allow you to create a billboard that is effective, without being dangerous.

Create a Clever Ad Campaign

Your billboard advertisement needs to make a lasting impression, even if it is only viewed for a few seconds at a time. To ensure that potential customers remember your billboard as they drive down the road, it is important to take the time to create a clever ad campaign that produces a memorable message. An advertising or marketing firm that specializes in billboards will be able to help you produce great results from your billboard signage.

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