Answering Questions About OSHA Crane Operator Qualifications

When you schedule a crane rental for your commercial contracting project, you will want to make sure that you have a licensed operator available to handle your equipment. A construction crane is a serious piece of machinery, and improper operation can place you and your workers at risk of accident or injury. A company that offers crane service near Austin can supply you with an OSHA certified operator for the duration of your rental. To help you prepare for your crane rental, here are answers to some common questions about OSHA crane operator qualifications. crane - operator

Do All Crane Operators Need OSHA Certification?

As you are preparing for your crane rental, you may have questions about whether OSHA certification is needed for your specific project. According to federal law, any cranes that have more than 2,000 lbs. of capacity must be operated by OSHA certified technicians. The certification requirement helps to ensure that heavy duty cranes do not pose safety threats when they are used on job sites.

Are Other Types of Certifications Covered Through the OSHA Program?

The OSHA crane operator certification program is one of several crane operation certifications that are available across the country. If you have another type of certification, such as CCO certification, there is a good chance that you are also qualified under the OSHA program. Both CCO and OSHA certification programs cover safety regulations regarding mobile cranes, overhead cranes, and many of the other types of cranes that are used on jobsites.

Can I Operate a Crane Without Certification?

If you do not currently hold a valid crane operator certification from OSHA, you may not be eligible to operate a crane at your site. According to new rules and regulations, all crane operators mush pass the OSHA certification exam. To hire a certified crane operator for your upcoming job, it is a good idea to contact a crane service company in your local area.
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