A Look at Common Billboard Maintenance Tasks

A billboard will allow you to advertise your goods and services to passengers on a busy roadway. In order to ensure that your billboard advertising is effective, you will need to make sure that your billboard is properly maintained. A company that offers commercial contracting and crane rental in Austin can provide you with the equipment that you need to properly maintain your billboard. From construction equipment rental to boom crane rental and more, you are sure to receive the right machinery for your billboard maintenance operations. Read on for a look at some of the common maintenance tasks that are required for billboards. billboard - maintenance

Check from the Ground

When you are maintaining your highway billboard, you will want to make sure that its display looks correct from the ground. In order to make a positive impression on passersby, you will need to ensure that your billboard looks great when you are looking up from a lower level. Your advertising content should be clear, without any visible signs of damage or errors.

Check from the Front Catwalk

After your check from the ground is complete, you will be ready to check the quality and condition of the front catwalk of your billboard. In order to access your front catwalk, you will need a crane or boom truck. Using your crane, you can carefully lift your operator into a position that allows for easy access to the catwalk, front panels, and other essential frontal components of the billboard.

Check from the Rear Display

A final maintenance task that you will want to perform for your billboard is to check from the rear display. The rear display of your billboard contains back sheeting, which is designed to protect the front display from damage and wear. Using a lift truck or other piece of safe machinery, you will want to carefully evaluate the rear display for any signs of maintenance issues.

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