Regulations to Know for Your Billboard Installation

Billboards make it easy to show your business to a lot of potential new customers on a daily basis. Hiring a crane rental service to install a billboard is an excellent way to promote your business, but it’s important to learn what rules are involved for this type of advertisement before proceeding with crane rental. Are you planning to hire a crane service or crane operator in Austin to handle a billboard installation project? If so, then read on to learn some of the Texas regulations you should know about for this type of project. billboard - install


A permit is required if you plan to erect a billboard close to a regulated highway’s right of way, specifically within 660 feet, and if the content of the billboard can be seen when people are traveling on the highway. When applying for a permit, you must identify the proposed site of the billboard by marking the concrete or placing a stake at the proposed location of the edge of the structure that is nearest to the right of way. Stakes must be at least 2 feet above ground and be distinguished from any other nearby stakes or marks. Do not remove the mark or stake until the application is denied or the sign has been installed.


To be granted a permit for your sign, you must currently hold a valid license that is applicable to the county in which you plan to erect the billboard. A license remains valid for 1 year from its date of issuance or renewal.


It is not legal to erect a sign or paint one on a rock, tree, or any natural elements. Also, billboards can’t be installed within a public roadway’s right of way or an area that would be within the right of way. Transportation Code, 391.252 also states that signs must not be installed on any part of road that is designated as a highway.

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